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Sub-Advisory Relationships

Organizations that have responsibility for the management of assets may seek to engage 1620 in a sub-advisory relationship. The need for a sub-advisory relationship can stem from a desire for specialized investment expertise or the need for a broader range of investment product offerings. In addition, some investment firms tend to outsource the direct investment management of assets to focus on other institutional priorities.

Investment Strategies

1620 Investment Advisors offers three primary strategies for sub-advisory relationships: our income-oriented Income Plus product, our growth-oriented Multicap product, and our specialized Mid Cap/Small Cap product. In each case, we can take responsibility for a comprehensive balanced investment product or for an asset-class-specific mandate. In addition, we can incorporate client-specific investment restrictions.


Investment Role

The needs of our sub-advisory clients vary in terms of how integrated 1620 becomes in their relationships with their customers. In some cases, our sub-advisory services may be branded and marketed as a client offering; in other cases, 1620 may meet with prospective or current customers to explain strategies and performance. We work closely with sub-advisory clients to develop a relationship that best supports their business goals.

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