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Business Owners

As a business owner, you know the value of putting all your assets to work in the most effective, cost-efficient manner possible.  In addition, you want to be able to focus your attention on your business, yet know that your retirement assets, and those of your employees, are being managed and monitored by experienced professionals.  Whether you are a sole proprietorship or have employees to support, 1620 can assist you in identifying, managing, and monitoring the retirement plan and investment choices that are suitable for you.

Our management services for business owners include:


Designed for the sole proprietor or small business with less than fifteen employees, these IRAs allow the employer and employee to contribute towards retirement in a cost-efficient manner. Unlike 401(k) plans, there are no annual federal filings or discrimination testing required. These IRAs typically allow for higher contribution levels than standard IRAs. With 1620, these plans are structured to allow for a full range of no-load mutual fund investment options. For plans of substantial asset size, portfolios of individual stocks and bonds can be considered.


401(k) Plans

1620 can offer most employers a 401(k) plan structure with more investment options at a lower cost than their current plan. Many 401(k) plans limit your choices to just one or two fund families, which may or may not have strong investment line-ups, and to fewer than ten funds unless you pay a premium. Through our Independent 401(k) product, we can help you structure a 401(k) plan with a wider variety of investment options and lower annual expenses.

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