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Unlike many financial service providers, our only financial relationship is with our clients. We have no relationships with insurance companies, brokers, mutual funds, or other intermediaries. We work only for our clients.


All of 1620's key investment professionals have extensive experience in the investment industry. Each professional's work history includes day-to-day responsibility for hands-on investment decision-making, including asset allocation, investment strategy, portfolio management, and security and mutual fund analysis. In addition to an average of over twenty years of investment experience, our professionals' credentials include advanced degrees and relevant professional designations.


Fee-Based Structure
A key aspect to long-term investment success is accurately identifying and controlling investment costs. At 1620, we are compensated only by our clients based on clearly defined fee schedules for our investment management services. We are never compensated through hidden or hard-to-measure distribution or redemption fees, loads, or commission expenses. In addition, we carefully monitor all costs associated with your account, from trading costs to taxes.


We believe that communication and accessibility are essential to our clients' long-term financial success. Clients receive personal attention and investment advice developed to meet their needs.


Well-Defined Goals
At 1620, we know that you must have well-defined goals if you are to achieve investment success. We work with each client to identify the investment structure that best meets their needs and expectations for their investments. We utilize a range of investment asset classes and vehicles to create an efficient investment portfolio, and we monitor the portfolios on an on-going basis to ensure that they remain appropriate given changes in the capital markets and in our clients' situations. Investment results are measured against well-known investment benchmarks.

1620 utilizes a disciplined investment approach across all our investment products. Our strategies are time tested, and every client, regardless of portfolio size, benefits from consistently applied investment research and processes. While individual portfolios may vary from one another due to client-related circumstances, all strategies draw on the same core knowledge base and regular investment research that the firm undertakes.


Independent Research
Just as we believe that investors should seek independence in an investment advisory firm, so too do we believe that our investment research should be developed internally and reflect independent research practices. At 1620, we draw on multiple sources of information before making an investment decision. Our analysts and portfolio managers undertake independent research when evaluating securities.


At 1620, we believe that technology provides opportunities to enhance and support the work we do for our clients. While we believe that technology can't take the place of independent, on-the-ground analysis, we utilize state-of-the-art databases, portfolio systems, trading systems, and back-office systems to leverage our resources and ensure that our time is focused on our most critical role: producing investment results for our clients.

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