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*Max Fee of 0.75% of Assets Under Management

Investment Advisors, Inc.


1620 Investment Advisors provides investment management and financial planning to individuals, business owners, and financial services firms. Our investment advisory assets total approximately $172 million.

Whether you are investing for the future, preparing for retirement, or simply need straightforward, conflict-free investment advice, 1620 offers products and service levels that meet your needs.



Why 1620? 


As an independent investment firm, we have no incentives to favor certain investment products over others. Our only financial relationship is with our clients.


We are an investment advisory firm. We do not try to sell insurance or other products to our clients. Investment management is what we do all day, every day.


Our investment professionals have an average of over 20 years of investment experience, in addition to advanced degrees and relevant professional designations (e.g., CFA charter).


Our investment process focuses on avoiding the emotionalism that can occur in the markets on a day-to-day basis. We have multiple tools to monitor the risk/return trade-offs in our clients' portfolios.


Our compensation is based on the value of the assets we manage for our clients, not on the trading activity generated in the accounts. We are never compensated through sales charges or referral fees. Our fees are very competitive with those of other firms.


All of our investment professionals have an ownership stake in the company or revenue-sharing opportunities. These incentives keep our staff motivated and focused on our ultimate goal: the financial success of our clients.


We know our clients are the lifeblood of the company. We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of client service and creating custom investment solutions for our clients.


We are acutely aware of the effects that taxes can have on an investment program, especially for those clients in the highest tax brackets. We work closely with clients to ensure that their assets are invested in the most tax-efficient manner possible to maximize after-tax returns. 

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